Doctored My CV – I bullshitted my way into a contract starting Monday

Doctored My CV
Doctored My CV

Doctored my CV

“I Doctored My CV” is from Clive who was out of work for months before changing his CV.

I‘m starting work at a site near Heathrow on Monday, and I‘ve got a bit of a problem.

I haven‘t worked for three months, so I doctored my CV a bit and bullshitted at the interview a lot, and I ended getting this job.

The only problem is that I don‘t know anything about the skill I‘m supposed to have. I‘m thinking of not turning up – any suggestions?

Dr. McLaughlin’s IT Surgery – Doctored my CV

Be of good cheer Clive. This problem is more common than you think, especially in times like these.

Of course you should turn up.

The chances are, that even if they find out, it‘ll take probably take them two or three weeks, and you could use the two or three weeks pay.

Make Friends With Contractors

My advice to you is to make friends quickly with the other contractors at the site. They‘ll take you under their wing.

You might select one in particular that you can trust the most. You can then tell him, and ask him if he can help you out.

The other point to bear in mind is that it will almost certainly be different people that you will be working with from those that interviewed you.

Secret of Interviews

The secret at interviews is to boost your knowledge of the tools and languages as much as possible.

As soon as you start the job, you will be dealing with a different set of people, who probably report in to the people who interviewed you. So you should downplay as much as possible your knowledge of the tool or language.

Say that you‘ve used it but that you are a bit rusty, or that you used a previous version of it.

Other Options for Contractor

There are other options too that I can think of. However, basically Clive, if you can‘t think your way out of this one, then you should consider turning ‘permie‘ anyway.

Contractors are doing similar things to you up and down the land on a daily basis.

Multiply the number of weeks in the contract by the weekly rate and then tell me if it‘s worth giving it a shot or not.

Editor‘s Note:- The views of Dr. McLaughlin are his own, and don‘t necessarily represent the views of

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