I am too old so I will have to become an IT Contractor

too old for permanent job
too old for permanent job

Too Old

This article, about being too old, is by a reader in reply to our article ‘If you are good you will get work’.

Looking for Work

As a redundant IT Support Analyst and experienced IT Technician / Manager, I have been looking for work within the IT sector too, but at 53 years of age no-one and I repeat no-one wants you. You are too old.

I have tried diversifying as I am a qualified post 16 teacher and a trained technical author. I have also tried to get jobs within my area of experience and skills sets, which I acquired during my RAF Service career.

Too Old
Too Old

People will tell you oh I don’t think it’s because you are over 50 Mr XXXX it’s just there’s no work.

Well I can only say ‘Huge buckets of goose fat to that!’.

Forced to Become a Contractor

Now I am forced to try self employment as a Contractor and read all the hideous accounts of clients who would shaft you as soon as look at you. I am now too old for a permie role.

Plus to get into the game you need experience as well as qualifications.

I have probably forgotten more technical knowledge than most of the youngsters in the game at present, and I am constantly trying to keep my academic knowledge up-to-date as well.

Will this all be just so much sweat and effort for nothing? Am I just too old?

Cheating and Lying

Perhaps if I took up a career as a liar and a cheat I could rip people off like so many of the brass necked dishonourable gits I’ve met in the last few years.

Oh yes this brings me to the point of this little bit of pros.

What ever happened to honour truth and integrity?

Many people these days disregard the fact that if you sow a wind you will reap a whirlwind. And there are far too many dishonourable unscrupulous gits who get away with crimes and then make money from it.

Regards to the editor, Chillo.

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