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Contractor to Permie
Contractor to Permie

Thinking of Going Permie

A contractor reveals that he is thinking of going permie. Why does he want to do that? It’s because he believes the money to be almost as good as contracting. He also believes that there is a better opportunity to build up a nest egg. This reader believes there is no future in contracting.

This was posted as Comments after one of our articles by a reader with the nickname of Insincere.

Some Excellent Contract Rates

There are some excellent rates around but they are few and far between.

I noticed, last Summer, some of projects were paying £600 per day for working in places like Leeds and Blackpool. Some of those contractors might be there for life and retire on those projects.

A friend got into a London Government department a few years back and has been there ever since. A mate got him in. So if you find the right role at the right time and rate you can still exploit contracting.

Many Contractor Rates Compare Badly with Permanent Positions

However, I also see many rates which do not compare with average permie salaries in non-IT jobs in places like Local Authorities and other Public Sector places – but they demand you to be a guru, and certified, in half a dozen MS tools, half a dozen Cisco tools, Citrix, etc, etc, have a degree and, laughably, be Prince 2 qualified and have various ISO accreditation.

I want to see the contractor who has this – all for 20ishK.

No way!

Looking at Senior Permie roles – Going Permie

I am looking at some senior IT permie roles but they have a wide salary band – the same job in the same location can have anything from a 20K difference to to a 50K difference in salary.

For the first time in more than 10 years of doing this I am considering a permie role and, if the right money and location comes along, I will take it – but only in order to get some cash behind me to get out of IT.

Long-term, there is no future in this game anymore. It makes sens in going permie.

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