Desperate Contractor – I am STILL staring into the abyss

Desperate Contractor
Desperate Contractor

Desperate Contractor

This desperate contractor is a woman who feels she is staring into the abyss. Here is her story.

Well, here I am 4.5 months out of work this time and still staring into the abyss.

I’m still doing my office hour every day, well it was actually 5 hours on Monday. I sent off for numerous roles perm and contract, some at incredibly low remuneration.

I think I’m doing it to see if there’s any chance of getting a job at all but it’s more like ‘Is there any chance of getting a response?’

I’ve taken to calling some of the people only to get the response that they’ve busy/not available or they’ve had 200 CVs in and they’ll call back.

Guess what, they don’t call back.

Applied for Many Jobs – Desperate Contractor

Last week I applied for so many jobs that I couldn’t tell one from the other.

All of a sudden, two agencies had a massive battle with their client (another agency) about it and the agency in the middle, phoned me to make me choose which agent should put me forward.

Now I’m actually on the mediator’s database. So I wonder why they didn’t call me.

The upshot of this was I had to withdraw from the role, as it wasn’t worth all the hassle.

They chewed my ears off about contractors knowing they’re applying for the same role twice, causing trouble. Hey what’s my crime here?

Applied for Same Role Twice

I’m out of work and I didn’t know I was up for the same role twice!

How can I get a job with all these ‘sharks’ around.

Thinking positively I can see that this one did genuinely exist. But on the downside I’m still out of work and can’t pay the mortgage next month.

Like I said I’m still staring into the abyss.

How does one find out if you’re on a blacklist please?

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