Older Contractors. I’m over a certain age, can’t get permie job, & can’t sign on


Older Contractors Can’t Find Work

This, about older contractors, refers to the Letter To A Contractor article that we put up recently, and is from a woman contractor.

I was rnot happy when I read this letter!

The government don’t seem to register that over a particular age one cannot
secure a permanent job and contracting is one‘s only way of working. This
letter does not even address such matters.

Since we are prohibited from signing on and claiming unemployment benefits,
shouldn’t government be addressing the problem of how or WHAT we are
supposed to live on. Or are they waiting for someone to die from starvation,
on the streets, first? Now that’s what I call turning Britain into a 3rd
world country.

Tax and National Insurance

When I’m working, I’m paying in £13k a year in tax and mostly NI
contributions. So if I’m not entitled to benefit because the government has
destroyed our industry why should I have to pay so much? It would see me
through many months.

And have you noticed how, when government show interest in an industry they
then milk it, and subsequently trash it afterwards? For example, IT – IR35/skills
shortages; Entrepreneurs / 660.

They’ve totally forgotten they’re accountable to the voting population haven’t they?

Yes, they’re slowly turning Britain into a 3rd world country.

Older Contractor problems
Older Contractor problems