Career Doubts – I am not sure I am going to make it in IT

Career Doubts
Career Doubts

Major Career Doubts

This is from Steve who is having career doubts about being in the IT Industry.

I graduated last year with a non-IT degree (in fact it was in Philosophy), but I got a job three months ago in IT as a programmer at a firm in Nottingham. The pay was the main factor in my taking a job in IT.

We are using Java, C++ and Delphi. The trouble is that I‘m not picking it up too well, and the other graduates with IT degrees are doing much better than I am. It is very much a worry to me and I don‘t think I am going to make the grade.

I am having major career doubts.

What should I do?

Dr. McLaughlin’s IT Surgery

Sit absolutely still Steve. Don‘t even think of packing it in just because you‘re no good (so far). Don’t have such career doubts.

The same thing happened to me when I first started. I started a job with Barclays, and along with the IT graduates, we did a six week course in Knutsford. The big boss paid us a visit, when we were about five weeks through the course, and advised me to pack it in and find a new career.

They didn‘t like to actually sack you there, so I made up an excuse about not having my glasses and that this was holding me back. He asked me when I was getting my new set, and I told him I would get them back in a week.

New Career at Barclays

This seemed to satisfy him and he wished me well in my new career at Barclays. It was true about the glasses, but they were only not-very-strong reading glasses, with a blue tint as my eyes didn‘t react well to fluorescent light.

You must stick it out there Steve. It will all gradually come to you. Having a slow start is not going to disadvantage you for your whole career.

Career Doubts – Overcome a Bad Reputation

Of course it will be difficult to overcome a bad reputation at your current firm, but that doesn‘t really matter. Stay there for a year to 18 months and then apply for a job elsewhere, where you are starting from scratch.

That‘s what most of the other graduates do anyway. After another year or so of that, you can then go contracting. You can make several hundred pounds a day.

By that time you should have picked up the skills sufficiently. However, it doesn‘t really matter if you haven‘t. It takes them a while to find out, and you can just move from contract to contract.

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