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Not Dead Wood Contractor
Not Dead Wood Contractor

Not Dead Wood

A contractor tells us that he is not dead wood.

Dear Editor,

Well, I read it the first time and thought “hmmmm”. About a week later, I read it again and thought “double hmmmmm”.

I’ve revisited the article today and, two weeks on, now feel I HAVE to respond if only to get my thoughts off my chest and stop me going “hmmmm” in ever increasing quantities.

Not Dead Wood Stage

Your author Ollis had an article posted under the title of “Contractors on the Deadwood Stage”

In that article/comment, came the generalisation:

“devoting hardly any time for the most basic ‘business development’ activities such as socially meeting with other contractors on site or client’s managers after official working hours.”

As a professional contractor for the last nigh on ten years (and still in work) I worry about the reasoning behind the author’s assertion that you’re deadwood if you don’t socialise.


Friday Lunchtime Drinker

Is he/she one of those who think that the best way to get ahead is to spend 2 hours down the pub on a Friday lunchtime quaffing pints so that little or no work gets done for the rest of the day?

Is he/she one of those who think that you can’t possibly be professional or get ahead unless you go to the pub after work for a good couple of hours, down a few pints/cocktails whatever and boast about your latest achievements / sexual conquests / whizzy electronic gadget / super-duper car… then stroll in very late the next morning grumbling about your hangover and being as effective as an ashtray on a motorcycle for the rest of the day? Come on!

Targets Within Budget and Timescales

If you are good at the work you do, you’re professional about it and meet your targets within budget and timescales, there’s absolutely no need for you to socialise unless you really want to. And I take offense at the suggestion I’m dead wood because I don’t socialise as often as others.

I am not dead wood.

There – off my chest – thank you for listening!