IT Contractor market – I am having doubts about my decision to enter it

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A reader posted as Comments this article on the IT Contractor market after one of our articles.

IT Contractor Market

I’ve been IT Contracting recently.

An agent called my wife for a role 150 miles away.

She was not interested & made this clear.

The agent insisted that she at least have a tele-interview & she relented.

At the tele-interview, she impressed the company, but stressed that she cannot proceed as the location is not right.

A few days later the agent called and said that they wanted to see her in person & were able to pay close to six figures.

No Further Interviews

She was annoyed, but politely said no again, can’t proceed with the role or further interviews.

Days later, an ex-colleague of hers from that company called her.

The agent reverted that my wife had high demands and talked bad about her. Luckily, the company and the ppl there know her well and realised that they were dealing with an unscrupulous agent.

Note that this is for an accomplished role & a permanent one at that – bad agents are not confined to the contracting space.

Having Doubts about Decision to Enter IT Contractor Market

With this kind of money available in the permanent market I am now having doubts about my decision to enter the IT contractor market.  This is the reason why I chanced upon this site in the first place.

With money like that is it worthwhile remaining an IT Contractor?

Any thoughts?


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