I am a proper Freelancer says Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone a proper freelancer
Ken Livingstone a proper freelancer

Proper Freelancer

Ken Livingstone, a proper freelancer according to him, came out fighting at the disclosure that he puts some of his earnings through a Limited company.

He claimed it was a smear. Furthermore, he said that it was hypocritical as Boris Johnson uses exactly the same means to channel his media income.

Ken claimed that it was standard practice to channel media income through a limited company. He also employs an accountant to handle that income.

He says it is not the same as Government Department managers, including those at HMRC, who have full time jobs that would normally be thought of as permanent.

HMRC and IR35

One would say that he is right as regards IR35. However, the HMRC and other government Department managers would seem to be archetypal IR35 caught ‘disguised employees‘.

How HMRC couldn‘t see the disguised employees in their management offices while they were out hunting contractors, one doesn‘t know.

However, it looks as if Ken (and Boris) are working as genuine contractors with their paid media work.

Ken Livingstone a Freelance Writer

They work as freelance and have multiple clients. So, they could not be classed as disguised employees of the many media companies they work for.

Hopefully Ken and Boris, and any other MPs and representatives who do this, will stick up for the rights of contractors like themselves. They will not, therefore, allow legislation to come in which will hammer genuine contractors.

I wonder if Cameron, Milliband and Clegg have media (or other) earnings.

If they do I wonder how they deal with them.

Do you reckon that Ken is a proper freelancer?

Will everyone end up as contractors one day?