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lost IT Contract
lost IT Contract

Almost Lost IT Contract – From a Reader

I have been in the position where I was going for an IT contract and the company phoned me direct to ask why I kept trying to push my rate up or I would not take the contract.

I explained that this wasn’t my doing, but the agents. So, I told the company the rate I wanted and let them fight out the agents margin.

They later told me that had this not happened they would have given up with hiring me as they were tired with the agents constant bartering. It would have been a lost IT contract for me – and would have known nothing about it. I would have been blissfully unaware of it.

Absolutely Ridiculous Margin

As it happens, the agents margin was absolutely ridiculous and once the company was in a winning position they nobbled them down!

My relationship with the company flourished, I stayed 2 1/2 years and even had my IT contract renewed when they had a 10% headcount reduction worldwide.

At the end of the day agents are salesmen, and would rather see their grandmother fed to the ravenous bugblatter beast of traal rather than lose out on getting more bucks!

ITContractor Comment

I wonder how many of us have had a lost IT Contract for reasons that we knew nothing about. I would be willing to bet that I have lost more than one through nefarious dealings by agencies.

The greed of this agent nearly cost this IT Contractor a perfectly good contract at a site where he spent the next 2.5 years.

It could so easily have been a lost IT Contract for him and he would never have been any the wiser.

It’s a shame that, legally, agencies don’t have t reveal their margin. If they did, this would put a stop to all of this.

Indeed, I can’t think of any good reason why keeping their margins private is good for the industry. It’s certainly not good for IT Contractors and IT clients.

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