Get More IT Contract Work – Help us to help you – Senior IT Agent – 18 Pointers

Get More IT Contract Work
Get More IT Contract Work

Get More IT Contract Work

How can recruitment agents help contractors to get more IT Contract work?

We asked a senior IT recruitment consultant, who has many years experience in the IT recruitment industry, what contractors could do to best help agencies get them a job and keep them in work.

18 Pointers to Get More IT Contract Work

So, this was his advice:-

1. Agree a deal before the contract interview and stick to the agreement on offer – assuming position is as originally described.

2. Be flexible as regards tailoring your CV to reflect the role you are going
for without compromising your experience. So, be truthful.

3. Have email.

4. Keep your mobile on.

5. Avoid confrontation. So, ask for help rather than demand rate increase.

6. Do not slag your agency off in an attempt to negotiate a higher rate
claiming ‘the agency just aren’t worth it’.

Agency Contracts With the Client

7. Remember that the agency is the one who contracts with the client
not the contractor.

8. Do not break your contract. Bad news does travel.

9. Befriend your agent. He, or she, is doing a job.

10. Be aware that agents often get paid on results. So all the calls
resulting in no deals mean no money to them.

11. Be open about other things you have on the go.

Have Written References

12. Have written references and credible documentation with your CV.

13. Remember clients take between 30 – 90 secs to read your CV.

14. Dress and talk for the job you want.

15. Be professional and credible.

16. Enjoy the process.

17. Do not smoke before an interview.

18. Have a strong hand shake.

So, those are your tips from a senior IT contractor recruiter on how you can get more IT contract work.

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