How to save yourself from annoying jealous permies

jealous permies
Jealous Permies that contractors have to put up with

A reader posted this article, about jealous permies, in the Comments section of one of our articles.

Jealous Permies

Contractors should play it down, always play it down.

Whatever they have, or are, or do, your experience is less.

If they talk about HiFi, yours is a 1983 Sanyo music Centre.

If they talk about TV, yours is a second-hand Philips 20″. You’ve heard about digital and flat screens, but never seen them.

If they talk about holidays, you go to the Lake district, Clacton and Bognor Regis.

IT Contractor Holidays

You’ve never been to Spain or Italy, but went with some friends on a day trip to France once or twice.

If they are married, you’re divorced (just).

If they talk about cars, you have a 1990 Escort.

Also, If they talk about houses, you’re back with your parents.

If you were ever in uniform, keep your mouth shut.

If you studied at post-graduate level, keep your mouth shut.

IT Contractors Should Dress Down

Dress from charity shops, never designer brand names.

Never wear fragrances.

At the pub, drink half pints of the cheapest beer.

If they have briefcases, carry a battered shoulder bag.

IT Contractors’ Cars and Where to Park

When you get home, relax in the Ekornes Stressless chair with a glass of Laphroaig, and browse the holiday brochure.

Yes, they are jealous, and I know that when I was spotted in a certain German car, I was fired in two weeks. (Twice).

Park out of sight.

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