Working Away From Home | How to live more luxuriously

Working Away From Home
Working Away From Home

Working Away From Home

A lot of IT contractors tend to slum it a bit when they are working away from home, renting flats where they have to do all the cooking and cleaning or living in low quality accommodation.

They don‘t want to add too much to their costs, as they have to pick up the tab themselves.

Often this isn’t necessary and contractors could live in far more comfort when working away from home at prices not much more than they would pay for a flat or B&B – and it might even be similar or less.

Good Deals

Often you can get very good deals from local hotels if you are going to be living there for an extended period of time. There’s nothing like having recurrent income for businesses.

Working away From Home
Working away From Home

It might be an idea to try and do a deal with a local hotel. Often they’ll give a big discount on their normal rates for someone who is going to provide them with recurrent income for an extended period of time.

You need to speak to the manager at the hotel though rather than one of those at the desk. So you would be better to call up.

Because of the recent downturn they might just bite off your hand with a decent offer.

Local Hotel

Another thing to try is to contact the firm you are joining. Ask them if they have a deal with a local hotel.

Some companies have a cheap deal with local hotels where they put visitors up. That’s especially if they are able to guide quite a few people to them. The hotel might even do you a better deal than that if you are bulk purchasing.

Yet another approach to this is to talk to a local travel agency to find out if they have any cheap deals at local hotels and whether they can negotiate an even better rate for someone who is going to be staying there 4 nights a week for an extended period of time.

You might get the chance to stay in a decent hotel for 4 nights a week rather than having to try to rent a place for the whole week or having to live in some cramped and uncomfortable bed and breakfast.

That’s OK if you get on with the B&B landlord and / or landlady, but you might prefer a more impersonal relationship that you would get in a decent hotel when working away from home.

Living and Working Away from Home

It really makes living and working away from home so much easier if you are living in some decent place with a good breakfast in the morning and a decent bar. And you don‘t have to worry about any cleaning, washing up etc.

It also makes it easier to talk your partner, into coming up to spend the occasional night there.

The last thing you want, when you have had to take a contract away from home, and away from friends and family, is to live in some awful hole when you could have got something far more comfortable and even luxurious which softens the blow a little.

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