Renewing your IT Contract. How to get your client to keep renewing you

Renewing Your IT Contract - Contractors Getting Renewed
Contractors Getting Renewed by clients

Renewing Your IT Contract

It’s crucial that your client keeps renewing your IT Contract.


There is a contractor at work who keeps sucking up to the boss. He even takes him out for lunch sometimes and if there is a leaving drink he is always the one who is deep in conversation with the boss.

It is a little bit annoying because not all of us are going to get renewed here and I feel that he is taking an unfair advantage.

You‘ve been around a bit Dr. McLaughlin. Is there anything I can do to spike his wheel?

Dr. McLaughlin’s Contractor Surgery

I think that you underestimate the importance of ‘keeping your boss sweet’. You want him or her to keep renewing your IT Contract.

This is done by most people who sell goods or services, including your agent, and they wouldn’t waste their time nor money if it had no effect.

Remember that you are not just a ‘bum-on-seat‘ IT Contractor and that you are a small businessman who is selling his services to his clients – and as you have only one client then your whole livelihood depends on keeping this client happy.

My argument is that IT contractors run small service companies, and should see themselves as that, and should spend a little more time in giving clients a good perception of them, first of all through good work, but through other means also.

Renewing Your IT Contract – Customer Feedback

You don‘t need to go over the top but it is important to know what the client thinks of the service you are providing and what you could do to improve the service.

Is this something that you have asked your client?

Perhaps this is something that you could ask your client over a meal or a drink (paid for by yourself) once every so month or so.

Why do you think your agent takes your client out?

It would also be a good opportunity to fix any wrong perceptions that the client has of you.

Renewing Your IT Contract – Customer Perceptions

Perceptions are important, and that is why they say that most interviews are got in the first 30 seconds.

Sales people and agents always think of IT contractors as a rough and ready bunch with no social skills.

I think that if more IT contractors added people skills, especially with their clients, then there would be a better perception of us – and probably more contracts renewed as well.

It’s possible to survive if you don’t do a good job but your client likes you.

It’s also possible to survive if your client doesn’t like you, but you work hard and do a good job.

However, it’s best to try to have it both ways though.

Your client renewing your IT Contract time and time again is crucial to your financial health.

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