How to Find Out What Your Colleagues Are Earning

your colleagues are earning
Find Out How Much Your Colleagues are earning

Find Out Online

What‘s the easiest way to find out how much your colleagues are earning?

Since April 2007 that is no problem at all. The government brought in Employment Legislation related to the European Social Chapter, which will allow employees to access their colleagues‘ pay information. This facility could be provided by being given access to the files or by being able to interrogate them online.

So, all you‘ll need to do is to go online and look at the salary information for all of your colleagues, including your bosses‘. That should make very interesting reading at the office.

No Secret Pay Reviews

You won‘t be able to lie through your teeth when it comes to pay reviews in future, either by downplaying it or by talking up the increase that you got. All your colleagues will have to do is to check what you got before and what you are getting now and work out what percentage increase that you received. They just need to print off the salaries before the pay review and print off those afterwards. There are people in your office clever enough to do this.

Won‘t it be embarrassing if you got the smallest rise of the lot, and everybody in the office knows it?

Of course, if you got the biggest rise of the lot, won‘t that make you Mr. Popular amongst your colleagues (‘No‘ is the answer)?

It will be difficult for managers to tell their employees that they‘ve done quite well and to motivate them for the future, when the employee knows that they are in the bottom half of the salary increases.

New Employees Salaries

What happens when someone new joins the company?

Immediately everyone, especially those on the same level, will be interrogating the database online to find out what the new person was hired at. If the company has had to pay over the odds to get the new staff member, then those that have given the company loyalty will be wondering why they get less.

Of course, they will be even more worried if the new staff members on the same levels as them, come in at considerably less than they are getting.

FTV Workers

Presumably, from now on, those at a company will be able to find out how much the non-EU Fast Track Visa workers that are already in the UK will be earning. They will then be able to compare that to the company‘s published salary levels for different grades (if they publish them) and to their own salaries.

That should provide some useful information for contractors’ group IPSE when they are providing proof to the Work Permits people that the system is being abused.

Roll on the Information Age!