Interview Best Practice – How to conduct yourself at an interview

Interview Best Practice
Interview Best Practice

Interview Best Practice – Arrival

An expert tells you us what is interview best practice when you attend one.

10-15 minutes before the interview go directly to the floor/office specified and notify the receptionist of your arrival.

Most offices will have a waiting area. The table will more than likely have some publications on it. Usually there will be a number of publications relating to the organisation – i.e. a departmental magazine, a technical publication or annual report.

These will normally be accompanied by a few general interest magazines such as ‘Home and Garden‘, ‘TV Weekly‘, ‘Women‘s Day‘ etc. Always pick up one of the publications that relate to the employer. You may learn something important in the minutes before the interview, or you may just get a better feel for the organisation.

An interviewer will notice which magazine you were reading, and it will go in your favour.

Do not be afraid to refer to the publication during the interview if the opportunity arises. For example you could start a question in the interview with ‘I was just reading the departmental news letter in reception and it mentioned , I wonder if you could give me some more information about this?’

This instantly shows the interviewer that you have a genuine interest.

Interview Best Practice – A firm hand.

When greeted by the interviewer, make sure that you give a firm handshake. Be mindful that there will be at least 2 people in most interviews, sometimes 3. As you are introduced, shake hands with each person in turn and try to repeat their name as you do so.

Interview Best Practice – In the interview.

During the interview keep the following in mind:

– Be confident, but not cocky or arrogant.

– Think about your answers. Do not be afraid to think, pause or ask the interviewer to repeat or clarify a question.

– Use open body language. Open your body to the interviewer, and be sure to give eye contact.

– Answer the person who asked the question. It is tempting to find 1 person to talk to – the one you perceive as the nicest (easiest to convince), but make sure that you connect with the person who asked the question. Interviews find it frustrating when an interviewee only talks to 1 interviewer.

– Do not be afraid to laugh with the interviewers. This does not mean that you should start telling jokes, but there is nothing wrong with being light-hearted if the opportunity is there. An interview does not need to be formal for the entire duration. If you are relaxed and this will rub off on the interviewers

– Ask questions – do not wait until the end to ask questions, if the opportunity arises during the interview ask the question. A flowing conversational interview is easier for interviewers and interviewees.

– At the end of the interview, thank the panel. Try to use their names if you can remember them. Do not be afraid to ask what happens next and when you may hear from them.

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