How to blow the whistle on Work Permits abusers



Most people are appalled by work permit abuses at their places of work. They would love to spill the beans to somebody.

However, they don‘t want to upset the applecart themselves and don‘t want to run the risk of getting caught for it.

They may also not know a contact line for somebody to tell.

That last bit can be solved straight away as the Professional Contractors Group can be contacted with the work permits abuse story at

They would obviously need some details about the company involved and what was going on or they couldn‘t do anything about it. They would prefer to have your name but they would keep it private.

According to Ian Durrant, a Director of the PCG, ‘we pass all tip offs to
WPUK under an agreement with them and we can do so anonymously if the
‘˜whistleblower‘ wishes’.

Two Types of Abuser

Usually the abusers fall into two categories, the Indian company providing the staff or the UK company using non-EU staff. It can be one or both of these.

We highlighted a UK company recently who was hiring non-EU IT staff at its foreign manufacturing sites – despite having no IT capability there. These people were then shipped over to the UK despite being recent hires.

They would stay for a year while the UK people who would lose their jobs or their contracts would train them up. The work would then be shipped offshore with the non-EU workers when it was time for them to go.

We also highlighted the way Indian companies got around the Intra-Company Transfer rules by setting themselves up as legal entities in the UK, i.e. as UK companies and then bringing in workers from their ‘˜sub-branch‘ in India.

Some of this is breaking the actual law and some of this is breaking the spirit of the law. All of it needs to be pointed out to the PCG, the Work Permits people and a wider audience.

Who Will Tell?

So who is going to be the one to finger the abusers?

No one wants to get the sack or to have their contract terminated – or to have the worry that you might come under suspicion.

There will be those brave people who will do it anyway.

For others there are different ways to skin this cat. Whilst people are at the company they don‘t want to whistle blow. However, when they have left the company, there is not much that the company can do about it.

There is always going to be someone who is leaving or being bagged from such a company so there could be a pact that whoever leaves the company first would be the one to blow the whistle.

If there are permanent IT workers involved there is always the possibility of a Trade Union being contacted. The Trade Unions are starting to get on board with this phenomenum.

Blind Eye

The Government are turning a blind eye to abuses of the Work Permits system.

David Blunkett thinks that immigration is good for us and Mother Patricia (Hewitt) of India thinks it is our duty to help India‘s poor by transferring our IT industry to them.

However, no party wants to be known as the party that ships our jobs abroad – especially when unemployment is rising and a general election is not so far away.

The Bush administration are already getting very worried about the effect offshoring might have on their re-election prospects and this is likely to spill across the Atlantic too. This issue and work permits is going to get bigger and bigger.

These abuses need to be brought in to the cold light of day and held up in front of the British public – the only ones, it would appear who have the desire and the will to do something about it.

You can report work permit abuses to the PCG at Report Work Permits Abuses or tell us and we’ll pass it on.

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