Pension Problem. How long will you live. Will you need Contractor Pension

Pension Problem for contractors
Pension Problem for contractors

Pension Problem for Contractors

Do you have a pension problem?

An Actuary table calculates how long you will live.

Are you a drinker or a smoker?

Doyou work in a stress related environment?

Are you going to peg out before your time?

Calculate Your Lifespan

Have a look here and calculate how long you are likely to live.

Lifespan Calculator

It also has an upper quartile and a lower quartile which shows you the range that you can expect.

You could, of course, be hit by a bus tomorrow but it is still interesting to know what the Actuaries are thinking you are going to live until.

Contractor Pensions for IT Contractors
Contractor Pensions for IT Contractors

My Lifespan

My expected lifespan is 80.53 years with a range of 72 years to 89.

I must lose some weight, take more exercise and have a few less drinks.

There’s also an analysis on how to improve and live longer.

If I cut down to an average of 2-3 drinks a day I would live 0.75 years longer.

Hardly worth it is it?

If I became a conditioning exerciser, whatever that is, I could live another 0.53 years. Surely I would waste more than that amount of time by doing the conditioning exercises anyway, so that’s a no brainer.

Longer Living

Altogether, if I took all their advice, I could live 2.01 years longer. I could live to 82.54 years instead of 80.53 years.

But think of all the exercise and the nights spent in instead of enjoying myself. Is it really worth it so that I can hobble around till I’m 82 rather than 80?

I don’t think so!

What did you score?

Will you be taking their advice?

Do you need a pesnsion suitable for contractors? If so click on Contractor Pensions Scheme

That should solve your pension problem.