Recruiters and Contractors – How IT Agents regard IT Contractors

Recruiters and Contractors
Recruiters and Contractors

Recruiters and Contractors

A reader posted Recruiters and Contractors as Comments after a recent article by an IT Agent.

i) Agents lie about non-existent jobs

in order to datamine CVs for contacts.

ii) Agents will waste inordinate amounts of their own and contractors’ time

trying to surreptitiously obtain sales leads instead of being honest enough to simply ask for them openly.

You’d be surprised how many contractors are prepared to sell you lists of red-hot contact details of actively hiring managers.

It seems that agents are so intently focused on always having to cheat contractors out of something that they miss a golden opportunity to make honest money purchasing market intelligence.

iii) Agents belittle contractors

– practice so widespread as to be presumed to be agency policy, if not a regulatory requirement.

iv) Agents defame contractors to potential employers

in order to put their own candidates up.

This practice is not only immoral like the above, it is also illegal.

The dodgy Agents know they can get away with it since the slander usually takes place during a private telephone call and is thus difficult to prove in court.

v) Agents aggressively market dodgy payment schemes

that they have no qualfications to comprehend without disclosing their own interests in them.

These schemes often prove to be non-compliant leaving the contractor with a hefty loss, and the agent a fat commission.

vi) Agents almost always lie about how much they are charging

and are apparently too stupid to realise that contractors will find out the truth about the agency margin usually within their first week on the job,

vii) Agents rarely, if ever, buy you beer.

If they do it’s unlikely to be more than once or twice per year.

Most of the companies we go out and actually work for buy us beers every week, showing the agents for the tightwads that they are.

viii) EBs are a political, as opposed to market, creation.

They exist for purpose of depriving a significant percentage of employees of their rights.

It is thus no wonder that contractors learn from years of experience of working with agencies that agents become lying, slandering, arrogant cheats.

Recruiters and Contractors don’t mix well.

Of course, there are many junior agents who haven’t yet learned the sad truth about the business they are in.

Most of them quit and get proper jobs after a while so they can do something productive with their careers.