Age Discrimination – How I was guilty of ageism in hiring contractors

Age Discrimination
Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination When Hiring Contractors

A reader sent us this article on how he was involved in age discrimination when hiring. Here is his tale.

I think a useful article/topic would be ageism in contracting.

I have always thought that IT contracting is very discriminatory against older contractors.

Indeed, I am guilty of it myself. When I have had to recruit other contractors for projects I have occasionally received CVs from older (40+) contractors who offer a lot of experience at a cheaper rate than the 20-somethings.

I have always gone for the latter. That’s maybe because of the ‘would make better fit with the team’ excuse or just the belief that younger = more technically able.

IT Contracting Ends at 40

The perception I have is that IT contracting in the UK pretty much ends at 40. That’s unless you can get into senior board level or upper management level consultancy roles.

As always in every field, it‘s not how good you are that counts, it‘s how good you are in relation to your competition.

So I am thinking of getting a CV boost by accepting a permanent role. Incidentally it is from the client who is currently messing me about with this ‘train the accountant’ nonsense.

The role would be to create and head a Profitability Systems functional area.

The client is a big telco with a $12bn turnover so there would be lots of room for advancement.

Provisions for the Future

I am 33 and am thinking about making provision for the future should the gravy train end when I get older. Age discrimination is rife.

On the other hand, I‘d have to take a pay cut down to a £70k permie salary.

I wonder what other readers think of this. What has been their experience?

Does one have to get out of contracting by the time you are 40 unless you can get senior contract jobs?

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