How I got banned by the Professional Contractors Group Part 2


The story so far is that I had already been up on one ridiculous charge at the PCG which had been dismissed. The suspicion was that they were using the rule book to try and get rid of me – as they didn‘t like my criticisms of the way things were done in their Forums.

Attempt 2

However, only a few weeks later, I was informed that I was to be charged again.

This was a hilarious one too. One of the most insulting and aggressive people on the site had made a formal complaint that I had called him ‘˜tozzer‘ which was a play on words on his site name.

I had had jousts with him before. Many on the PCG site said that I should just ignore some of the worst people on the site. That‘s what they did.

I felt that, as nobody was taking them on, they were out of control. I had decided to take them on.

Anyway, this guy took offence as his new name – despite the fact that he was one of the most aggressive people on the site. You should see what he had called me.

I could take it though.

It appeared that he couldn‘t.


He sent an aggressive Personal Message to me threatening that if I called him that again he would do something about it. I, of course, ignored his threat.

It seems though that someone senior in the PCG had been advising him on how to make a formal complaint and encouraging him to do so – or so he said.

Anyway he made the ridiculous (for him) formal complaint that I had called him ‘˜tozzer‘. This one should have had the powers that be laughing their asses off.

Kangaroo Court

Not a bit of it, they told me that I would be suspended until my ‘˜trial‘. The ‘˜trial‘ took place without my hearing that it was going to take place and I was told that I was to be banned from the PCG.

They sent me the supposed reason that I was to be banned and that was that it was because I was not a contractor but a proprietor of a contractor news site.

This was incorrect as they would have found out if they had bothered to ask me. The reason for that was that I was writing articles for another contractor site on a freelance basis at the time. However, you don‘t know what you don‘t ask.

Even as far as being an IT contractor was concerned, I wasn‘t doing that then but I hadn‘t decided that I would never contract again. I‘m sure that some of their other members weren‘t currently contracting – and some of them may have been doing things other than contracting.

Summary Justice

However, they never asked my so they wouldn‘t know. It was a summary trial which took place behind closed doors without any input from me and without telling me where and when it would take place.

I still had read only access to the Forums, though, till my membership expired so I saw that one director said that the reason given wasn‘t the real reason that I had been kicked out.

I asked one of the directors whether other contractor site proprietors who weren‘t currently contracting would now be kicked out as well. They replied that they weren‘t prepared to comment on the other proprietors.

However, none were ever kicked out.

This was a special verdict reserved just for me.

Rule Breach

I have again breached their rules just be writing this article.

This is because you are not allowed to tell anyone that a PCG trial had ever taken place, you are not allowed to tell anyone who your accuser is, and even more important, you are not allowed to say what the verdict is.

All this happened in an open and democratic country like the UK.

Do you think I should beg to get back in?

There will be a third and final part to this article next week.