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Freemasonry in IT
Freemasonry in IT

Freemasonry in IT

Have you come across Freemasonry in IT?

I once employed a Freemason without realising it. I saw on his CV that he attended some school for Freemasons, and mentioned it at the interview. He said that it was his old man who put him in there, and I thought nothing more of it.

He seemed to be just what we wanted and so I took him on. Even if he was a freemason, I though, it would be hypocritical to discriminate against him.

How I wish I had been more discriminatory!

So, was he a freemason?

Well, when I took him on for lunch on the first day to the pub, he said to me “Shall I get your toolkit?”

I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. But he meant that he would get my knife and fork, so it seems. I thought it was a very odd thing to say though and remembered it.

Get Your Toolkit

Just a few weeks later I saw a programme on BBC1 on freemasonry. I was surprised to hear that there are a number of ways that freemasons make themselves known to each other besides the handshake. One of the ways that make themselves know to each other is to say “Shall I get your toolkit?”

It astonished me to hear this.

He must have thought that I gave him the job BECAUSE he was a Freemason.

Political Problem in the Company

Did he get up to any jiggerypokery?

This guy proved to be a real pain in the neck for me politically in the company and with suppliers. I always wondered if he had identified some of the brotherhood amongst those above me in the company and high up in the supplier companies.

Several times I realised that he‘d gone above my head, sometimes well above my head, to get decisions that I‘d made reversed. I had to stand my ground against people right at the top of the organisation.

God knows what else he was up to that I didn‘t find out about. Usually you find out only a fraction of what is going on.

I eventually got rid of him but not after he had caused me a lot of problems.

Next time someone has some Freemason’s School on his CV, he can go and pull some strings elsewhere.

I had enough problems with freemasonry in IT.

Trouser legs

The only other time that I had any sort of encounter with Freemasons was when I went to the Royal Freemasons Hospital in Hammersmith, London because of my problems with my cartilege in my knee. I had to pay for a consultancy and X-ray, but I didn‘t qualify for the 10% members‘ discount.

When I had my X-ray done on my knee, they asked me to lift up my trouser leg up to the knee.

‘I‘ve come for an X-ray’ I said, ‘not to be inducted’.