Jobless IT Contractor – How can a Business Analyst of 49 be out of work?

Jobless IT Contractor
Jobless IT Contractor

Jobless IT Contractor

A reader sent us this article, about a jobless IT Contractor, in response to our article Unemployed IT story – is there ageism in IT?

This reader professes surprised that a Business Analyst who is only 49 could be out of work. That’s especially as the reader is a Business Analyst / Data Analyst and has no trouble getting work himself.

Reader Comment

It surprises me that a Business Analyst is having trouble finding work at 49.

As regards my background, I left a big public utility in 2006, after they made me redundant.

I had worked there for 25 years.

I was 52 when I became a contractor for the first time.

Working as a Data Analayst

I am working as a Data Analyst and, apart from last year when the market was very down, I am having very little trouble getting work.

Furthermore, I am currently working, aged 59, and see very little sign of ageism. Indeed, I always gain an impression that my years of experience are seen as of value by my colleagues and bosses.

So, all I can advise is keep trying, I am sure ageism does raise its ugly head but as long as you come over as enthusiastic about doing the work and are patient then there is work for you out there.

Perhaps it’s worth stating that the number of calls from agencies has increased dramatically in recent weeks.


IT Contractor Comment

So, this 59 year old Data Analyst wonders how a 49 year old Business Analyst could be out of work.

What are other readers’ experiences of this market?

Do you agree with the sentiments of the jobless IT Contractor Business Analyst. Or do you think the 59 year old Data Analyst is right.

So are you as surprised as the Data Analyst that the Business Analyst is out of work?

You can put your answers in the comments section below.