HMRC IT Chief left permanent role and returned as a contractor


Permie to Contract

According to the Sunday Times the Head of IT at HMRC, Deepak Singh, left his job and came back immediately as a contractor for three months.

And he operated under a limited company.

He had been getting £160,00 a year but he then earned £149,000 for jus three months as a contractor.


As one of our readers who posted this said ‘You couldn’t make it up’.

Wasn’t that why IR35 was introduced?

Wasn’t it to stop people quitting permie jobs and then starting contracts straight away?

The Government deemed these as ‘disguised employees’.

Caught in the Trap

Unfortunately this IR35 legislation pulled in a lot more contractors than was intended.

The cure was worse than the problem.

Where’s the Special Commissioners now?

It’s a bit rich to see the Head of IT at HMRC acting like a ‘disguised employee’ and then operating via a limited company.