HMRC Letter – The letter that HMRC is sending to tax avoiders

HMRC Letter
HMRC Letter

HMRC Letter to Contractors

There’s a new HMRC letter going out.

This is the letter that HMRC are about to send out to 1,500 people.

‘We are committed to challenging aggressive tax avoidance, and we will do so through the courts where appropriate.

‘If we do this then it will lead to years of uncertainty about your tax affairs, and mean considerable additional cost to you.

Challenging Similar Schemes

‘We are already challenging similar schemes and we have a very successful track record in the courts with schemes of this type.

‘Your decision to use a scheme such as this means that we will treat you as a higher risk customer.

‘Therefore we will monitor more closely your tax affairs in the future.

Paying Your Taxes

‘Paying your taxes in full is the right thing to do.

‘Not paying tax reduces our public finances.

‘We all lose out on essential public services such as roads, the NHS and schools’.

IT Contractor Comment

Well, well!

It’s an obvious method of trying to scare contractors into paying more tax.

Will they succeed?

They are certainly hoping that they will.

However, will contractors respond to the HMRC Letter?

What do you think of that? What would you do?