Happy Contractors – They’d Recommend Contracting – Survey

Happy Contractors love contracting
Happy Contractors love contracting

Happy Contractors and Contracting

A new survey by recruiters, Contracting Scout, shows that we have a bunch of happy contractors on our hands.

Well, they may not be happy in their private lives but they are happy with contracting as a career.

The survey shows that three quarters of them (75%), are happy with their working life and their way of operating.

Indeed that 75% would recommend a contracting life to others.

Recommending Contracting to Permanent Employees

it always astonishes me how many contractors recommend contracting to permanent employees. They even go out of their way to help them become contractors.

Happy Contractors
Happy Contractors

That’s even though that will increase the number of contractors, especially ones with the same skills as themselves.

Don’t they know the economic laws of Supply and Demand?

Contracting Not Recommended

Of course, that menas that 25% of contractors would not recommend contracting to others.

62% of htose say that they would not recommend it befause of the lack of certainty as to future contracting prospects.

60% of contractors say that they have been out of work for more than a month at a time when they wanted to work.

Are there really 40% who have never been on the bench for a month?

Lucky them!

Stay In Contracting for Two Years

60% of Contractors, in the survey, say that they will stay in contracting for another two years at least.

17% of contractors want to finish contracting in the next two years.

It doesn’t state whether they will have made their pile and got out, or whether they want to go permie again or even try something else.

IT Contractor Comment

It’s good to hear that contractors are so happy with their lot – by a margin of 3-1 anyway.

Perhaps part of this is becsue the alternative is a permie career which most of them have tried and rejected previously.

Or maybe they truly are in love with their career choice.

What about you?

What would you have replied to the survey?

Answers in the comments section below please.



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