Cheating Recruitment Agencies – Half of Them are cheats say Contractors

Cheating Recruitment Agencies
Cheating Recruitment Agencies

Cheating Recruitment Agencies –  Survey Results

Cheating recruitment agencies fingered by contractors.

RecruitCOP announces the release of its Applicant Survey completed by 1749 job applicants.

RecruitCOP asked regular job applicants such as freelancers, contractors, and temporary workers a series of questions. This was to discover what experiences they have had when applying for work. 1749 applicants responded.

They designed the survey to determine if bad practice was widespread throughout recruitment companies. Or was it the same few who have given a bad name to all.

Cheating Agency
Cheating Agency

They aim, therefore, by this survey, to provide information to the recruitment industry, and Human Resource Departments. This is so they may help rid it of rogue practice.

Rogue Agencies

The survey shows that an employer can lose 82% of applicants if using a recruiter that is known to the applicants as a rogue. No doubt these recruiters are very nice to the employer. However, amazingly, only 14% of employers have asked applicants about their experience of the recruiters they use. So the employers have no idea if the recruiter is doing a good job or not.

Employers need to be aware, therefore, that 88% of applicants expect the employer to do more to protect them from rogue recruiters. Simply not asking for the applicants opinion has given these recruiters free reign to do as they wish. So, they could potentially cost the employer many suitable applicants.

As an employer you want to know that the very best candidates have come forward.

Agency Tricks on Job Applicants

Employers are losing good applicants to the ‘tricks’ played on job applicants. These are tricks that prevent applicants even applying for the job. It’s all to stop competing recruiters being more successful and submitting better candidates than they can.

Cheating IT Agencies
Cheating IT Agencies- how to get your own back

In a number of questions, we asked the applicants perception on how many recruitment agencies they believed to be using that particular trick.

With the exception of fake advertising it appears that approximately 20% of recruiters are regularly treating the applicants in a very bad way using a multitude of tricks.

Deceptive Methods

The vast majority of tricks are deceptive methods used to get more sales information to sell the recruiters business to the applicants contacts, even at the expense of cruelty by gaining an applicants confidence by pretending that they have got that applicant a job.

Fake advertising is perceived to be the regular ploy of about 50% of recruiters.

Fake advertising has become known as CV Trawling by job applicant. It’s- a ploy to get sales leads from an applicants CV by pretending to have a job. That’s so applicants send in their CV.

The survey also shows that applicants judge the accuracy of a recruiters advertising very very low.

RecruitCOP Computer Programme

RecruitCOP is an automated online computer program. It helps enforce The Employment Agencies Act and The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations.

Also, it puts the Employer in control with little more effort than they currently spend on recruitment.

It points the finger at cheating recruitment agencies.

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