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Getting older
Getting older

Getting Older and Out of Work

A reader, with the nickname ‘Xmfclick‘, posted this article about Getting Older, in response to our article called Will they still want me?

I am 46 and been out for nearly 3 years apart from 2 months at one company and 6 months with a small software house that went bust.

I’ve managed to get a few weeks’ freelance work for a couple of small local companies, but that’s all.

However, I’ve no major work at the moment and few prospects.

No Pension

Your experience rang very true in just about every way. I also have no pension, having put money into PEPs and ISAs.

So, I now feel very angry that, if it had gone into a pension, I’d be able to get benefit. However, because they count it as ‘savings’ I have to use it all up. This was a massive con by successive governments).

In the meantime I’ve stacked shelves at Tesco’s (mind-numbing) and answered on of those “Car Owners – Make £600 per week!” ads, which turned out to be for a large double-glazing company. If you thought IT salesmen were sharks, you should see some of the tactics double-glazing salesmen get taught. I lasted 3 weeks!

Rusty Skills

The biggest problem I’ve had has been maintaining my morale and trying to stop my skills from going rusty.

Re the latter, I volunteered my time with a local community group to re-develop their website.

So, you may well be able to do something similar if you’re out of work and getting older.

Keep Limited Company Going

A question I’d like people’s thoughts on. Is it worth keeping the Limited Company going?

It’s just costing me accountancy fees at the moment. If I do get a contract, what with IR35 etc., will it be worth being a Limited Company anyway?

Anyway, best wishes and let’s hope we all get back into work soon.

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