More Contractor Jobs Exported – Get used to it say Indians

More Contractor Jobs Exported
More Contractor Jobs Exported

More Contractor Jobs Exported

There will be even more contractor jobs exported in the future says an Indian Government spokesman.

Britain is going to have to accept that it will have to export lots more service jobs to India as the world trade markets open up and the effects of globalisation take effect, according to a senior Indian Government official.

He said that the UK can‘t have its cake and eat it. The UK can‘t expect to have access to the markets of countries like India and not expect Indian companies to be able to compete for British work.

The consumers from Britain will benefit from the much cheaper software that Indian companies can build. British companies will feel the benefit too.

If British companies are to compete on the world stage then they can‘t be using software that costs a multiple of the price that their competitors are paying.

Trade Liberalisation in Service Jobs

New trade liberalisation in service jobs across national boundaries will benefit both countries. But it cannot be a one-way thing.

Indian companies are expecting to take a much greater share of the world‘s software development market in the next few years. They want to get into more and more service areas. They see healthcare as the next boom area.

The world is opening up more and more to free trade, according to the Government minister. This will be good for everybody eventually.

Jobs Done More Cheaply Elsewhere

However, many people in America and Britain will have to accept that people elsewhere can do their jobs just as well, but much more cheaply, elsewhere. They will have to accept that this will in the long term be of benefit to everyone. Some people may have to change professions.

He hopes that the Doha round of negotiations of the World Trade organisation can get back on track. He hopes the markets of all countries can open up so that they can take advantage of the cheapest labour available.

There will be still more contractor jobs exported in the future.

This is how capitalism works and it will be of long term benefit to the world economy.