Unfit IT Workers – Get off your backsides you lazy lot

Unfit IT Workers
Unfit IT Workers

Unfit IT Workers

There are a lot of unfit IT workers it seems.

IT workers are the most unfit of any workers, says a new report, and they have the worst diet.

According to a study by Fat Free Fitness less than 20% of web developers and tech support do 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise five days a week.

Furthermore, only one-in-seven had the government recommended five portions of fruit and veg per day.

They also drink an astonishing 10 cups of coffee per day on average.

Fewer Sickies

It seems that employees who are physically fit have 27% fewer sickies than normal.

So, IT Contractors, it pays to keep fit.

Here‘s the table of those who take the proper exercise of 30 minutes, five days a week per profession:-

47% – Shop Attendants
45% – Retail Workers
41% – Taxi Drivers
38% – Admin Workers
37% – Customer Services
33% – Marketing
31% – Checkout Operators
28% – Salespeople
26% – Receptionists
19% – IT Workers

That‘s shocking and confirms a lot of people‘s stereotypes of those in IT being unfit, unhealthy geeks.