Freelancers Friend Jeremy Corbyn – Will He Be Contractors Brexit Saviour

Freelancers Friend Jeremy Corbyn
Freelancers Friend Jeremy Corbyn

Freelancers Friend Jeremy Corbyn

Is the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn Freelancers friend? If you look at it from purely a contractor point of view then his Brexit deal is much better for contractors who want to work in the EU than Theresa May’s Deal. Her deal is just as bad for contractors as No Deal.

Although her deal is outside a customs union, the UK will mimic the rules of the Customs Union. However, this only applies to Goods. And Goods are only 20% of the UK economy. Freelancers are covered by Services – which is 80% of the UK economy. However, Services are outside the Prime Minster’s deal.

Goods and Services in Customs Union

It is not outside what Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party want. It looks as if membership of the Customs Union is more or less conceded by Theresa May. This would include both Goods and Services. That would mean that UK freelancers could continue to sell their services to EU companies. Presumably under Theresa may’s deal, freelancers would have to pay tariffs.

Membership of the Single Market

What might be more of a fight, and which Jeremy Corbyn may want, would be membership of the single market. This would allow the free flow of Goods, Services, People and Capital within the EU. That would be great for contractors who want to work in such EU countries as Germany, France, the Netherlands etc. It would also mean that EU contractors could come to the UK.

This one might be a bit more difficult for Freelancers Friend Jeremy Corbyn to sell to Theresa May.

Brexit for Contractors

One has to stress again that I’m looking at this here purely on what is best for contractors in terms of Brexit. Readers will have e number of issues when they decide who they want to win any election.

As a contractor I’ve worked in Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam and The Hague. I was very grateful for the opportunity. Also, rates were much higher than they were in the UK. Indeed, I managed to get the deposit for my flat in Maida Vale with the money I earned in Paris.

We’ll see what comes out of this Brexit impasse.

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