Failed IT migrant worker now driving taxi

Failed IT Migrant Worker
Failed IT Migrant Worker

Failed IT Migrant Worker

We received this article, from a failed IT Migrant Worker, as feedback from one of our articles.

Work Permit Cheats

In the environments that I have worked in the recent years, all major companies have already been employing software engineers that are novices, and are not IT contractors at all, on a contractor basis.

They have either been employed directly by the companies, or indirectly by agencies that promote pseudo-contractors as contractors, while (the agencies) paying the pseudo-contractors a regular salary. They deal with the Visa situation separately by lying through their teeth to the authorities.

Agency / Customer Relationship

This works well in situations where the agency has got a good relationship with the customer. So, they can put in practically anyone they can.

The unsuspecting Project Manager has to program the ‘entrant’ in, because this is the resource they gave him.

Then it forms some kind of a vicious circle. That’s because the ‘company’ needs the resource, because after a learning period, they become necessary. That’s no matter their performance.

Before you know it, they are in control of company sensitive information.

IT Contractors as Taxi Drivers

On an other note: On my way back to work this weekend, I had to get a taxi to Heathrow airport.

The driver told me he used to be an IT manager in first line support in Pakistan. He came to work to the UK four years ago.

After they sacked him, he started doing Taxi-driving, and he said he never regretted it.

His old boss called him back recently, and he refused his offer.

Slightly Alarmed

I was slightly alarmed !

I thought that if I can not get a job in Engineering, I might do something that is more safe from Globalisation – Taxi Driving.

It appears not.

That’s because the failed IT migrant IT worker / workers we have imported, are also taking away our Taxi-Driver Jobs too!