Contracting in Ireland – Ever thought of contracting in Ireland?

IT Contracting in Ireland
IT Contracting in Ireland

Contracting in Ireland

The Celtic Tiger is back thriving especially in the IT area and it is worth looking at contracting in Ireland.

I live in a small town in Ireland now (after a long time in London and then 5 years in the USA).

It‘s one of those quaint small towns where the houses are painted different colours. It is surrounded by countryside on three sides and by a sea lough on the other.

As I type in my articles I am overlooking a salmon fishing sea lough which is about 4 or 5 miles wide at this point.

I can see the oyster boats scooping up their catch as I glance out the window now.

Our back garden leads out onto the sea lough. I sometimes go down and collect oysters on the shore for my wife who likes them.

Electrics Went Off

Our electricity went out last night and we called the electrician. He came in this morning at about 9 o‘clock – even though it is his day off.

I was a little worried that the call-out rates might be even higher for an emergency. He had to leave the house twice, firstly to get some fuses from the shop, then a second time to get a plug from the shop.

He probably spent about 45 minutes to an hour at the house fixing the problem.

I had drawn out 200 Euros from the bank hoping that this would be enough (I used to live in London).

Cost of Getting Lights Fixed

I asked him how much it would be.

‘Twenty five Euros’ he said.

That‘s about 21 quid. I only had a 20 Euro note and a Fifty. He didn‘t have any change.

‘That‘s all right he said. Just make it twenty’.

So, the total cost was around 17 pounds. That included his labour, his costs and time getting here, a plug, two fuses that he used to fix the problem – and five extra fuses that he gave me for free.

As he went out to the car I remembered that the last time he had been at our house a few months ago we hadn‘t paid him for that. I felt a bit guilty.

I rushed out to his van and told him.

‘Ah, don‘t worry about that’ he said.

Taxes on Contracting in Ireland

I don‘t know why more contractors don‘t come across to work in Ireland from the UK.

As we‘ve said before on here, Ireland has made a huge investment in high tech and especially in IT and it has paid huge dividends.

Ireland Biggest Offshore Outsourcing Country

Ireland is the biggest offshore outsourcing country in the world for software ahead of India and China. This fact is often missed because they are often termed a nearshore outsourcing country.

They get 25% of the USA‘s technology spend in the EU with just 1% of its population.

They are now the 2nd biggest software exporter in the world – after only the USA.

They are also now the 4th richest country in the world (GDP per head of population) behind only Luxembourg, Norway and The USA (the UK is 11th).

They have stated recently that over the next 10 years they are going to need 90,000 new workers a year and can only supply an extra 36,000 a year by themselves. This is especially in the IT area.

They are going to have to look outside the country for them.

Ireland’s Economy Growing

The economy is expected to grow by 6.5% a year over the next five years, which is comparable to China and India and compares with a UK prediction of around 2%.

There are now more people emigrating from the USA to Ireland than there are going the other way. That is a huge turnaround.

Corporation Tax here is only 12.5% and some companies pay only 7.5%.

Ireland‘s biggest IT staffing company, CPL Resources was expanding and its share price was rising all the way through the downturn.

It might just be worth giving them a call. Contracting in Ireland is worth looking at.

However, a hard Brexit could change all that and would make it harder.

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