EU Referendum – Contractors Vote 4-1 to stay in the EU

EU Referendum and IT Contractors
EU Referendum and IT Contractors

EU Referendum and Contractors

There’s been a new poll on the EU Referendum and what contractors think.

According to a new poll from FreeAgent, contractors and small businesses want to stay in the European Union by a vast majority.

In fact they want to stay by more than four to one.

Here is the FreeAgent poll results when they ask them if the want to leave the EU.

EU Referendum Poll Results

  • Yes – 18% (63 out of 346)
  • No – 73% (253 out of 346)
  • I don’t know – 9% (30 out of 346)

That’s an astonishing difference. Even young people are not going to vote to Remain by such a huge margin.

So, why do most contractors want to stay in the EU?

Perhaps it is becasue many of them have had the opportunity of working in places like German, France and the Netherlands. Maybe they want the opportunity to continue to do so.

Higher Contract Rates

Rates are appreciably higher in some of the European countries than they are in the UK.

UK freelancers have a high reputation in Europe especially in IT.

One advantage is that they speak English – which most computer languages are wriitten in.

Pehaps it is because they are risk takers that freelancers are less fearful than others of immigration.

I know, from my own experience, that many IT departments in European countries make it a prerequisite that anybody they hire has to be able to speak English.

A lot of the documentation is in English too.

More Contractors in the EU

I would suspect that there are a lot more UK IT Contractors working in the EU than there are EU IT Contractors working in the UK.

The biggest danger, and competion for UK contractors, lies outside the EU with contractors form developing countries.

One would bet that permies wouldn’t want to stay in the EU by such a large margin. Indeed there may be no majority at all with permies.

Stay or Leave

When asked what effect the EU would have on their business contractors said:-

  • I think leaving the EU would have a positive impact on my business – 5%  (18 out of 346)
  • I think leaving the EU would have a negative impact on my business – 49% (168 out of 346)
  • I don’t think leaving the EU would have any impact on my business – 32% (109 out of 346)
  • I don’t know what impact leaving the EU would have on my business – 14% (48 out of 346)

So, do you agree with the Remain contractors or the Brexit ones?



  1. So I must be the one in four. Did they not correlate the age of the respondents? Most of them will be young and only in the game for the money!

    To some of us this is a career decision and one which I made consciously. My methodology may be contracting but that is not my role as I prefer to be seen as an IT Consultant whereby I provide a service to my clients that are unique and add value. Plumbers and plasterers are also contractors but nobody seems to view them as lepers.

    Back to Europe. The ability to work across europe is no easier than working across the globe. In fact it is sometimes easier, and I have done both. The selfish question of whether I would be financially impacted was not one that I considered. But then again I have not squandered the good years of IT contracting but used them to support my family and provide for my coming retirement.

    As has already been seen the actual impact of leaving a failed project will not be as predicted. Knowing when to close a failed or dying project is one of the greatest skills that I have learned. I feel no regrets about this one at all.


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