EU Migrant IT Workers Go Home – But Remote Contract with UK Firms

EU Migrant IT Workers Go Home
EU Migrant IT Workers Go Home

EU Migrant IT Workers Go Home

The UK is getting the worst of both worlds as EU Migrant IT Workers Go Home and then continue to work for their UK company by contracting remotely from their own countries.

Not only are they still doing a UK job, depriving UK workers and IT contractors with the opportunity – but they are also paying no UK tax.

There’s not much of a Brexit dividend there.

Continued Working Remotely as Contractors

According to Tugce Bulut, the founder of the Streetbees business intelligence platform, “One coder returned home to the Czech Republic, quitting his job and ultimately gaining employment with a local company.

“Several others, she said, emigrated back to their home countries but continued working remotely as contractors – keeping the company staffed, but depriving the UK of the tax revenue they would otherwise have contributed.”

UK IT Skills Shortage

She argues that there is a skills shortage in IT and that IT skills should be put on the Skills Shortage list.

This would enable UK firms to recruit any amount of IT workers they want.

They could take them from any country in the world.

She says that these highly skilled migrants could get a job in several countries.

She also says Britain is missing out by scaring them off.

EU Migrants Taking Work Home With Them

What we could have now is lots of EU IT workers going home – and taking their work with them.

It would be more rewarding for IT workers in say the Czech Republic to continue to work remotely for their British companies – but on a remote basis.

Their UK companies would then not have to pay National Insurance for them.

They would not have to give them benefits like Pensions, Holidays, Sick Pay etc.

The EU Migrant workers would get far more as a contractor working remotely than if they got a local IT job.

Both parties are happy.

So, who loses out when EU Migrant IT Workers Go Home and take their jobs with them?

The losers would be the UK taxman, the NHS and UK IT workers and IT Contractors.

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