Contractor Leaving UK – Enough is Enough – He has sold up and is Going

Contractor Leaving UK
Contractor Leaving UK

Contractor Leaving UK

A reader sent us the article, Contractor Leaving UK.

I am in the final stages of leaving the U.K (and IT, computers whatever). I have just about sold £40000 worth of Cisco voip, networking and rack mounted servers for around £5000 just to buy groceries.

Furthermore, I have MCSE, CCNP Voip. It’s all a complete waste of money and time. It’s time I could have spent with my kids.

I still read your site, but to be honest, I can’t see the systems industry ever paying a decent wage again. That’s let alone being a viable business proposition for contractors. (Shit – the Government doesn’t think we ever were a business!)

Hope Abandoned

Even if it did pick up – the management in this country are so crap that the Gravy Trainers and Charlie Snorting Bullshitters would flood back in to IT and mess things up again.

And, if a miracle happened, things picked up and management could manage, the U.K is a Family-Poisonous shit hole, where even fantastic monetary rewards couldn’t offset the grinding depressing ugliness of the place.

‘Cynical’, I hear you say. Well, I think I’m just realistic. Anyway I don’t give a monkey‘s cuss about ‘the industry’ or the United Crapdom. So I don’t care what you think!

Good luck with the site!