Prefer Agencies – Eleven reasons why I prefer to use agencies

Prefer Agencies
Prefer Agencies

Prefer Agencies

When you are looking for work do you prefer agencies to get you work or do you look for direct contract?

Most contractors in the UK use agencies to get them work. However, many do so through gritted teeth.

This is from Aussie contractor site

Head Hunters Necessary Evil

I consider that the head-hunters are an evil necessity for the following reasons:-

1. I can’t sell ice to Eskimos.

2. I have very little time to knock on doors to find the guy who might be hiring.

3. I don’t have the time to pamper the bugger until he turns up with a particular piece of work that suits my skills.

4. I generally need to put in 40 hrs a week (as it pays).

5. I already have to do about another 10 or so to keep up with the play and run my little business.

6. I DO get the majority of cash – my current contract attracts just over $9/hr commission to the HHunter. or 9.83%.

Paid Bi-Monthly

7. They pay me bi-monthly and have to wait at least 30 days for the client money. It’s probably 60 days but I‘m being generous).

8. I generally have to work the Headhunter for a couple or three weeks to make sure the money etc. gets to the account.

9, I generally get extensions or return work and have been able to turn some into my own clients where I get more. Why – because I work my butt off and supply THE SERVICE.

10. If there was a contracting co-op (similar to a Doctors practice) who had there own sales staff I would jump on it.

11. I could easily hire a sales dude but that would cost me more than I currently pay the head-hunter. Once I got the work what would he/she do for 6 mths? What would I pay some one who got work for me? Well 10% of the contract would be pretty cheap. You find a business that has Cost of sales at 10%. I probably pay 15% with the bus fare into town.

Contractor Down Time

I do have down time, but not much.

All in all it‘s not a bad gig.

So, what do you think, contractors? Do you prefer agencies to get you work or would you rather go direct if you could?

For more advice on dealing successfully with agencies click on Agencies Advice.

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