Dud Contractor Recruitment Agencies – Downturn did for a lot of them

Dud Contractor Recruitment Agencies went bust in downturn
Dud Contractor Recruitment Agencies went bust in downturn

Dud Contractor Recruitment Agencies

The downturn did for a lot of dud contractor recruitment agencies.

So. contractors are finding less hassle and dodgy practices from the agencies that have managed to stay above board.

As we have often said here, the dodgiest agency practices normally emanate from agencies which have been struggling. They are desperate, moreover, to fend off administration or liquidation.

Chancier Recruitment Agencies

We have seen some of the chancier agencies go to the wall.

According to one contractor (Gun4Hire):-

‘The IT job market downturn forced many recruitment agencies out of business. So the last few years I have not had the same problems in dealing with agencies that I had in earlier years’.

This is what other contractors have told us as well, i.e. that the better agencies have survived and the dodgier ones have gone.

Contractor Warning

Perhaps there is a lesson in this. However, contractor Gun4Hire also has a warning:-

‘However, with the IT job market bouncing back, there is a new crop of recruitment agencies popping up. With that increasing competition among the agencies for business, I expect the old days of recruitment agencies’ dishonesty, deception, greed etc will return with a vengeance’.

So, what do our readers think? Have agencies got a bit better recently?

Are they using less of the dodgy practices?

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