Do you have any good IT business ideas?


Business Ideas

One of the main reasons that we set up this site is to help those who work in IT to be able to set up real businesses and to give them help in turning ideas into money.

There are not enough software Intellectual Property Rights in the UK and too few global players. Too few of our estimated 70,000 to 125,000 IT businesses are large businesses or will ever grow into them.

Those that work in IT, especially contractors, don‘t really know how to set up businesses and to get funding for those businesses when they do have good ideas.

They don‘t know the Venture Capitalists.

Accountants are a lot more successful in doing this because they know how to go about it and they know about finance.

Contractor Investors

When IT contractors have some spare money to invest they tend to buy property or to stick it in the Stock Market. They don‘t have the contacts or the opportunity to be able to invest in businesses in the early stages, when most of the money is made, in areas where they are knowledgeable, or to be able to present their own ideas to their peers in the hope of getting advice business, or even some funding.

NamesFacesPlaces will be having a new Money section shortly which will give some assistance towards those ends.

There has been a downturn in the Stock Market, so this is the perfect time to start to launch small businesses so that they come to fruition by the time of the next market boom when they can be sold to much bigger companies.

NamesFacesPlaces hopes to be one of those who are able to do this. We hope, also, to be able to provide you with the knowledge, help, and wherewithal to be able to do this.

In other words, what we have learned, or will learn, along the way will be passed on to you.

Two Areas

We are looking for Business Ideas in two areas:-

1) Those who have already got businesses off the ground and are seeing some income may need help in marketing, raising finance or simply getting feedback from their peers or making sales to them, should send details into us at the feedback address below

2) Those who just have ideas may want to fly them in front of their peers here also. It could be that they want some advice on whether it will work or not before they do it, or they may want to know if anyone would buy the product or service they are selling

It is always an advantage to have proved a concept by first setting up a small business that has potential to become a large business, but ideas are welcome too.

Who knows!

From such small beginnings large companies can grow. Look at the computer programmer that we highlighted last week who netted himself £116 million.

Perhaps there are potentially one or more of those amongst our readership.

It should be fun anyway in trying to find out!