Fake Contract Interviews – Do clients interview you just to pick your brain

Fake Contract Interviews
Fake Contract Interviews

Fake Contract Interviews Clients Set Up

Do clients set up fake contract interviews in order to pick your brains?

According to some of our readers, they do. Here are some examples of where it has happened to them.

According to ‘Nozi Parker‘:-

‘On one occasion I was called for interview for a change manager role. I went for a first interview then was asked to attend a second. Only this time they wanted me to compile a detailed Powerpoint presentation.

They said it should set out what and how I would go about my job and why I would do it the way I did. They also wanted me to photocopy the presentation six times. It was to distribute to a six panel interview for a 3 month assignment’.

‘I smelt a rat immediately, because the interview process seemed more appropriate for joining MI5 than taking on a short term contract. Needless to say, I told the agency I wanted to pull out. The money was cr*p too, making my withdrawal more comfortable than it would otherwise have been’.

According to ‘d4n‘:-

I’ve had at least 3 interviews, which I was in turn offered, whereby they put forward “scenarios” that I would deal with.

They all turned out to be serious issues they had with their systems. It was the reason for the recruitment in the first place!

It’s best to outline your ideas rather than give out exact solutions’.

According to ‘mfowlis‘:-

I too have come across the “tell us how to do this and we will pick your brains and then not give you the job”.

Although there are I’m sure cases where this is genuine, I am always suspicious of “presentation interviews”. That’s especially when it is “solve this problem we have”.

Usually the warning signs are there.

a) You seem overqualified for the position but they want to see you anyway.

b) Your salary demands are higher than they advertised but they want to see you anyway.

c) they are an educational establishment (e.g. University) or Public Sector establishment, and you don’t have any experience in these areas. However, they want to see you anyway.

i.e. they look on it as “free consultancy”.

ITContractor Comment

What do our other readers think? Are there fake contract interviews?

Has it happened to you. Do you think that the contractors quoted are just being over suspicious and are losing job opportunities because of it?

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