Dixons Carphone IR35 Decision – None Yet on PSC Contractors

Dixons Carphone IR35 Decision Contractors
Dixons Carphone IR35 Decision Contractors

Dixons Carphone IR35 Decision

It looks as if we have jumped the gun here in terms of any Dixons Carphone IR35 decision. Dixons Carphone have been in touch to say that they have not made a decision yet.

It looks as if we put two and two together and got five.

Still Taking on Contractors

What we do know is that Dixons Carphone are still taking on contractors using personal services companies with contract end dates past the April deadline.

Companies who are blanket banning PSC contractors have already stopped taking on contractors who use PSCs.

Also, Dixons have contracts with agencies and contractors which are what one would call IR35 friendly. They issue Statements of Works to new contractors stating that there is no direction given on how how work should be done.

It was his that led us to believe that Dixons Carphone would continue to hire personal services company contractors after April. Perhaps there was at least a dash of wishful thinking on our behalf as well.

Holding Position for Company Till IR35 decision made

However, this just appears to be a holding position for the company till they decide which way they are going to go.

As I said above, companies blanket banning contractors have already stopped taking on contractors using PSCs.

However, these are companies who have already taken a decision to blanket ban and Dixons Carphone have not made a decision yet. So, it is business as usually, including taking on PSC contractors till the decision is made.

Dixons Carphone said that when the decision is made we will be the first to know.

Let’s hope it is just a case that we jumped the gun a little early. It would be great news for contractors if they did take the decision to continue to take on PSC contractors after April.

But we’ll just have to wait and see.

How Companies Can Help Contractors Stay Outside IR35

For companies wondering what to do, it should be no problem at all to ensure that their contractors are outside IR35..

Here’s an article we published previously about How Companies Can Help Contractors to Stay Outside IR35.

Read also 18 Ways to Stay Outside IR35 Courtesy of the Special Commissioners.

All of these come from decisions in favour of contractors at the Special Commissioners Employment Tribunals.

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