Sacked Developer after he offshore outsourced his entire job

Sacked Developer
Sacked Contractor

Sacked Developer

Company sacked developer for outsourcing his job.

A US company sacked a developer after it was found out that he outsourced his entire job offshore.

They only caught him when the log showed him logged in from China. Yet there he was sitting at his desk in the US.

It seems that the developer was getting glowing reports on the quality and timeliness of his work.

However, it was all done from overseas.

So, when the company found out they sacked him.

Company Sacked IT Contractor
Company Sacked IT Contractor for earning too much money Comment

What a smart guy – and what a dumb company.

Why do they care who did the work?

Haven‘t they heard of the term sub-contractors?

In the business world companies often subcontract work out to other companies.

Moreover, it is not a crime.

Company Missed a Trick

What the company should have been thinking is ‘Let‘s have more of that’.

They should, therefore, have put him in charge of their whole outsourcing operation.

Instead they got rid of what was probably the smartest, brightest, most entrepreneurial guy at the company.

He‘ll go on to be successful elsewhere.

It seems he was pulling off this supposed ‘scam‘ at several companies at one time and was earning several hundred thousand dollars a year.

Seen Sacked
IT Contractors I’ve Seen Sacked

So, what!

Companies Delighted

The work got done and the companies were delighted by the work.

This is a typical jealous permie reaction.

They must have been really green with envy when they heard how much money he was making.

It seems he spent most of his time on Reddit, Facebook and LinkedIn.

That‘s because he was clever enough to get other people to do his work for him, dummies.

And he was paying for it himself too.

Good Entrepreneur and Manager

Not only would he make a good entrepreneur, he would make a good manager too.

Isn‘t that what managers are supposed to do, i.e. get others to work for them?

He was probably the best potential manager at the company – and that was probably why he had to go.

He didn‘t fit in with the culture.

This is a ‘scam‘ that had no victims.

The sacked developer was an entrepreneur.