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Delphi programmer
Delphi programmer

Delphi Programmer

A Delphi programmer sent us this after one of our articles.

You should always remind yourself that you are not the only one in this kind of situation. Any line of work has it’s own good times and bad times.

I remember when I was at my last peak working in varied I.T role. My friends at the time were scraping the barrel for decent jobs.

It’s the other way round now. They’re all in good responsible jobs and I’m the one in the gutter. I guess that’s the way life goes.

Last year in May the company I was working for moved offices further away from my home.

So in July last year I moved out of my parent‘s house and bought a place of my own just around the corner from the office. I was on a good salary. But I was relying on it to deck out my house the way I want it.

Four months after moving, I got the sack, for ‘gross misconduct’ (poor performance basically). However, in actual fact, it was due to stress and depression I was suffering, caused by moving home and at the same time working full-time as a Delphi programmer.

Delphi Programmer Left Unemployed

So, I was left unemployed, unfit for work, and living in an unfamiliar area in a house which was in serious need of furniture and redecorating. The previous occupants were pensioners and all the carpets and walls are flowery. I rented out one of the bedrooms to a lodger to help with the bills.

I was a vulnerable person (suffering depression and all), and somehow my lodger persuaded me to allow my lodger’s boyfriend to move in, and then my lodger’s 12 year-old daughter.

Within weeks they had me hooked on cannabis.

Spent Time in Room

My lodgers spent all their time in their room. They were dealing from my house despite me saying I didn’t want them to. I just wasn’t strong enough to put my foot down.

It wasn’t until I found the willpower to quit smoking the plant that my head started clearing up enough for me to realise that my lodgers had taken advantage of me. So I gave them 2 months notice to leave.

They were expecting a baby in September anyway, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle any more people under my roof.

Two days before they were due to leave, there was a family dispute with my lodger’s boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Several people came round to my door with threatening behaviour and attempting to smash my door down.

Police Called to House

Someone called the police and they found cannabis in my lodger’s room. This was only two days before they were due to leave!

Well all that mess is behind me now. I’m just left with a room I can’t rent out because the carpet is in ruins with stains and cigarette/joint burns. However, once I manage to get a job I’ll soon be able to get the room ready for a ‘more suitable’ occupant!

Losing my horrendous lodgers once and for all has made me stronger, although I’m still on medication for my depression. I started hunting for a job in January, and have only worked 12 days of temporary work so far.

I got only one interview, and the rest turned me down straight away. I’ve recently revamped my CV. I’m looking for something not as technically challenging as programming. Ideally I need a PC workshop job.

I plan to diversify by offering my programming skills online, perhaps doing simple websites for people. Also, I’ll offer my skills locally as a cheap service to fix people’s home computers. But I can’t do anything until I get A JOB. I’m in so much debt which gives me no room to do anything. I can’t even afford to eat properly!

In a Coma for a Year

I feel like I’ve been in a coma for a whole year, or like I’ve wasted a year of my life which could have been spent in happiness in my retirement. It’s almost 11 months since I lost my job, but I still have HOPE.

Even if the whole world goes into a serious recession, I will continue to practice that art of staying HAPPY!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting the ‘downs’ in ‘life’s ups and downs’ keep you down.

I am finally catching up with myself. I used to not understand what was really happening in my life until a month or two after any event in question.

Now I’m more sure of myself. I feel the depression lifting away and soon I’ll have full control and the confidence to take charge of my life and work towards doing what I really want to do with it.