Dead Contractor rises again 3 years later on another contract

Dead Contractor rises up again
Dead Contractor reappears on another contract 3 years later

Dead Contractor Rises

This tale of a dead contractor, who rose again, appeared in our comments section after one of our articles from regular reader Loadsamoney.

It was too good not to print.

Loadsamoney Story

In the nineties, someone I knew got his girlfriend to ring up as his mother to say he had had a heart attack and died.

I didn’t find out he was still alive until 3 years later when I saw his ‘ghost’ on another contract.

The permie receptionist girl was in tears when the announcement was made that he had ‘died’.

Everyone was very upset, as you can imagine, and some of us wondered if we should send a card or go to the funeral for him.

ITContractor Comment


I always tell freelancers who are looking for advice, when they say that they would like to take another contract but have no notice clause in their contract, that there is always a way out of a contract.

However, this one takes the biscuit.

It is the Daddy of them all.

One would presume that the contractor had just bagged himself a super-duper new contract perhaps nearer to home which would have suited his girlfriend.

They should have smelled a rat.

If your partner died suddenly would you call up his or her work to say that they wouldn‘t be in?

I should have asked Loadsamoney what excuse the guy gave for doing this but I think it was obvious – a better contract that needed him to start straight away.

IT Contractor TV Series

I think I would say to readers that there are easier ways out of it than this and there‘s no need to have the receptionist in tears.

I reckon they should make a TV series called Contractors.

There are so many stories that I‘ve either seen myself or come across.

I think I could maybe write it myself.

By the way, if anyone else has any contracting stories, just send them in.

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