Crowdfunding Opportunities for IT Contractors

Crowdfunding is the new rage these days. The banks are not lending money, so small startup businesses are struggling for funds.

The Venture Capitalists take an arm and a leg for providing funds for startup businesses.

Anyone who watches Dragon’s Den will see how often a small business comes in asking for money and offering, say, 10% of the shares to the Dragons. You know that they are going to end up handing out 40%.

City Slickers

Often, the City boys let each other in on their deals. It is all very incestuous. The ordinary punters, like IT Contractors, were always on the outside.

Much of the money was made before companies came to market as Venture Capitalists and the City boys got in at cheap prcies – or were awarded options or warrants.

IT Contractors were on the outside looking in. They looked for opportunitie sto invest. They tended to buy shares on the Stock Market or bought second and third properties.

They had all the hassle of choosing the property when they weren’t experts in the market, of finding a renter and of maintaining it.

IT Contractors and Crowdfunding

However Crowdfunding has come along to change all that.

Crowdfunding is a fantastic idea all round. It cuts the influence of the banks and it stops the CIty Boys and the Tory Grandees from using their access to money to force small companies looking for money to cough up major chunks of their companies.

It’s particularly good for IT Contractors. They have an opportunity to invest in small or startup companies and to get in at, or near, the beginning. That’s when the big money can be made.

Tech Startups

Tech startups would be of special  interest to them – especially in an area where they have knowledge.

A company may want to raise £100,000 capital for a good idea. They offer shares in it to people registered as crowdfunders.

IT Contractors can come in for as little or as much of that as they want – usually with a £500 minimum. They may  want to come in for £5,00 and get 5% of the offered shares.

One company, which crowdfunds on property, say they put forard around 4 proeprties a week – and the shares usually go within hours.

Register as an IT Contractor Crowdfunder have contacted a number of these companies about crowdfunding opportunities and will send the crowdfunding details out to those contractors who register as Crowdfunders with us, as soon as the opportunities become available.

This will give them the opportunity to be ahead of the crowd, esepcially when the choicest new opportunities come on the market.

If you want to be contacted about these opportunities, as soon as they come out, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will add you to the Crowdfunders Investment list.

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