Contractors Wives – Ten Tips to Save Your Marriage

Contractors Wives Advice
Contractors Wives Advice

Advice for Contractors Wives

Here’s some tips for contractors wives, or female partners of contractors. It’s on how to save their relationships and marriages. It is three parts whimsical and to one part serious (or is it the other way round?). Here are the tips:-

1 Don’t demand that your man should discuss household or other problems the minute he comes home from work. Discussing these problems should be at a time which is good for both of you. It shouldn’t be just when you decide you want to talk about it.

2 When he is out of work, offer encouragement rather than making constantly derogatory comments to him.

3 Do not ask him what he is doing about getting work, first thing in the morning, when you asked him the same question last thing at night. Women imagine that the more that they nag the better the results will be. This is not the case and it leads to marital strife.

4 When he is out of work don’t keep making derogatory remarks of the good-for-nothing variety. Remember how he was supportive when you were out of work.

5 A once-a-week drink with the lads down the pub is a necessary release from the problems he’s having. This does not make him a lazy, good-for-nothing, drunken slob.

6 Do not discuss the innermost secrets of your marriage with your friends. When he finds out that your friends know all about him he will be furious.

Looking for Contract Jobs

7 Once he’s done his ‘work for the day’ of looking for jobs and phoning up agencies, he’s entitled to spend his time however he wants. Enjoying yourself while out of work is not a crime.

8 When he’s on the internet looking up jobs he may need a break. He may look at a Contractor Discussion site or plays Solitaire while he is there. Don’t start accusing him of not really looking for a job. He‘s just having a necessary break.

9 Listening to music, whistling, smiling, laughing, watching TV or going for a game of pool in the pub while out of work are not crimes crying to God for vengeance.

10 Lastly, women imagine that if they lower a man’s self-esteem then he won’t have the confidence or self-belief to stray with another woman. The opposite will be the case. It will be such a relief to talk to a woman who makes him feel good and wanted again. That’s especially one who doesn’t give him the grief that you do.

If there are any women out there who would like to reply to this article on contractors wives, or come up with a counter-list, we would be glad to have it.