Offshore Outsourcing Complaints – Contractors Should Stop It – Agent

Offshore Outsourcing Complaints
Offshore Outsourcing Complaints

Offshore Outsourcing Complaints

An agent, who believes in the sanctity of global capitalism, sent us this about offshore outsourcing complaints from contractors.

I don‘t believe all the moaning and groaning that IT contractors have been doing for the last couple of years.

They moan about IR35, they moan about Fast Track Visas, and the moan about offshore outsourcing.

There is a very strong protectionist element in all this!

As small businessmen, contractors should be all in favour of the free market – but they aren‘t. They want the Government to interfere in all sorts of ways to rig the market for them.

Fair Competition with Indian Workers

Why do they not want to compete with Indian IT workers and IT workers from other countries outside the EU? Do they not believe in one of the tenets of capitalism, i.e. the free movement of labour?

Capitalism, and the breaking down of trade barriers and tariffs, are doing for the developing world what communism or Oxfam or Bob Geldof were never able to do, i.e. allow third world countries and their peoples to prosper on a long term basis. It enables them to look after themselves, instead of being constantly in need of foreign aid and help.

The tariffs and barriers that Western countries erected were what were keeping the third world poor. It wasn‘t famine, drought, poor literacy etc.

Now that they are pulling these barriers down, we can see that the third world countries like India can look after themselves very nicely, thank you. That’s now that they are getting a fairer playing field.

Rigging the Contract Market

Why should companies pay IT contractors in the UK £50 an hour, when they can get the same standard of work from somebody in India at £3 pounds an hour? The contractors and the Government in the UK, along with the EU, are conspiring to rig the IT market in favour of IT contractors.

Western countries are now having to bring these trade barriers down, in return for India opening its market to Western technology companies like Oracle and IBM.

Many contractors talk about being small businesses. They say they only want to be left free by the Government to look after their own affairs. Then they want the Government to rig the market and put up anti-free-trade tariff barriers to protect those same small businesses from competition.

They can‘t have it both ways!

They are either pro-capitalist, or they aren‘t. So, they are either for a free market, or they aren‘t. They are either for free trade, or they aren‘t.

To sum up the attitude of most contractors ‘The Government should keep out of our hair – unless it is protect us from competition’.

That stinks!

Offshore outsourcing complaints from contractors just don’t hold up.

Well, do you agree with this agent?

Put your comments in the section below.

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