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Contractor Agency Cooperation
Contractor Agency Cooperation

Contractor Agency Cooperation

A recruiter tells us how you can leverage contractor agency cooperation for mutual benefit.

We got this one of our regular agent contacts.

Finding Clients

A lot of contractors don‘t realise, when they turn up their noses at agencies asking them for details of contacts at previous sites, that a lot of their contracts come about this way.

Do they think that clients go out looking for agents?

No, it is the other way around. Agents have got to find the clients in order to furnish the contractors with work.

So how do we, as agents, find those clients and those contracts?

Of course, we do a lot of cold calling. However, this is not a particularly effective way to operate. You can make several hundred phone calls just to get one lead – which may not even lead to anything. This isn‘t helping contractors to get work much.

Hot Leads

A hot lead is worth a lot more – and this comes from asking IT contractors who they previously worked for. At least we know then the names of people who actually take contractors, or have done so in the past.

This is far more useful to us. Remember that the more successful that we are, the more contractors there are who get jobs. It‘s a win-win situation.

Contractors are being a little selfish when they refuse to furnish us with leads. After all, they could be helping out their fellow contractors.

Small wonder that some agents resort to telling contractors that they have jobs for them and that they need references from previous employers in order to be put forward. If contractors were more open and more helpful the recruiters wouldn‘t need to do this.

Helping Fellow Contractors

Contractors could help their fellow contractors a lot more if they:-

1) Volunteered the names of their old bosses to agents

2) Whenever they actually got a job, they told all the agents who are working for them that they have got a contract, and then give them the names of all the places that they have been put forward to.

3) They gave agents that they know the name of their client at their new place of work

Helping Out fo Work Contractors

This would help other contractors, who may have been out of work for some considerable time, to get some work.

I think that this is a time when we should all be mucking in together.

Every bit of help that you give us can help some other contractor. Remember, that it could be information that some other contractor gave to us that enabled us to get you your current contract.

IT Contractor Comment

What do you think contractors?

Is this how contractor agency cooperation should work?

Is this to their mutial benefit?