Contractors Divorce – Ex-Wife Hits £700K Jackpot. He Lives in a Wreck

Contractors Divorce
Unemployed contractor lives in wreck

Contractors Divorce as Ex-Wife Hits Jackpot

A reader sent us these comments, about a contractors divorce, after our article ‘Was it Worthwhile Becoming a Contractor Then’?

Here is what he says. See if you agree with him.

IT Contracting All Worthwhile


I’ve been continuously contracting since 1994.

When the quiet times hit during the last recession I worked in Benelux.

Then began the marital demise!

3 years ago, wifey files for divorce and Court awards her 75% of £700K-ish and 40+% net income so that she can keep kids in style.

Large Contractor Mortgage

Now I have a large mortgage of £240K just to have a wreck to live in with not too much surplus income to renovate it.

Of course, she’s now met someone else. She is having his baby in July and I’m still forced to pay for all of it coz they won’t get married. He’s a lazy bugger who doesn’t work.

If the state doesn’t **** you, the courts will!!

End of Rant

IT Contractor Comment

Yes, often partners, of either sex, take off when the good times go.

We see that over and over again.

That’s despite the Marriage Vow of ‘for richer or for porrer, in sickness and in health’.

Have other contractors had similar experiences when they are down on their luck during a downturn?

Do you sympathise with this guy or not?

Put you rcomments in the Comments section below.