Contractors the Goose that lays Golden Egg for recruitment industry

Contractors are the Goose that lays the golden egg
Contractors are the Goose that lays the golden egg

Contractors Lay the Golden egg

Contractors lay the golden egg in our industry.

According to a REC survey, a while back the contractor / freelancer /temp market supplied 90.4% of the turnover of recruitment companies.

That‘s a massive golden egg for them. Contractors are the goose that lays it for them.

Our labour and intellect makes them more than nine tenths of their money.

Ungrateful to the Goose

You would think they would be more graceful to the Goose that keeps laying for them.

Perhaps we should leverage that more.

Contractors are the Golden Goose for Agencies
Contractors are the Golden Goose for Agencies

We should have a lot of financial clout with them.

If contractors didn‘t exist these would be tiny little companies rather than global or national giants.

Contractors Need Agencies

Of course agencies will say that without them there wouldn‘t be contractors and that they created the contractor market.

They also claim that rates would not be nearly as high without them and they bid the market for contractors up.

They also say that contractors aren‘t good at negotiating and would never have chased the market rates up to where they are now with 10% of all Developers earning more than £600 a day and the average rate for contractors hovering just over the £400 a day mark.

Recruiters think we should be grateful to them.

Agencies Earn Nothing

However, what we CAN say is that they don‘t earn a single penny of that money.

It all comes from the labour of contractors.

Those people they trick and cheat and lie to.

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